Best kitchen basket product in india ( 2021 )

A kitchen is the place where we aren’t only making food For our family but also there are other accessories placed . So We always try to put everything at the right place.

Here we are providing a best kitchen related storage basket product accessories based on steel and plastic . which are listed below –

Kitchen Washing bowl useful for Rice fruit and vegetables

This is the Best Plastic Rice Washing bowl for Kitchen . With using This you can easily straining rice , noodles, fruits etc and Weight also good of this Washing bowl just 80 GM which is easy to use .

plantex high grade stainless steel dish drainer basket for kitchen

Best stainless steel Based storage basket for kitchen . This is Useful for dish drainer and available with silver colour . Size of this basket 48 width , hight 20 cm and length 37 cm which is good for daily uses.

Stainless steel basket

Durable Plastic Sink kitchen basket dish drainer

This is Useful for plates, cups , snoof etc. This basket available in multicolor.

Plastic sink basket

Heavy stainless steel Vegetable Storage basket

This basket especially useful for foods and vegetables like onion, potatoes etc .

Vegetable storage

Four Tier Stainless Steel Trolley

Four layer stainless steel based trolley useful for vegetable , foods , and other daily uses product.

4 tier storage basket

Three layer Multistorge plastic dish

This is three tier multipurpose storage basket. This Product perfect for daily uses . And available with multiple Colour .

3 tier storage basket

Multipurpose plastic Storage Basket

Durable plastic based brown colour basket for multipurpose uses and it can be kept every where like you can use it in kitchen , rooms , office etc .

Multipurpose basket

3 tier Coated steel Storage Basket

This is Another three layer corner plate rack storage .

3 layer plate storage

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