Kitchen item name in hindi and English

we are sharing a daily uses kitchen accessories item with their hindi meaning. So read this article for more information about kitchen accessories.

Sometimes we know the meaning of product in English but don’t know the product name in hindi. So in this article we have collected a all common kitchen accessories with their meaning in English and hindi.

kitchen accessories
( in English )
kitchen accessories
( in hindi )
Spoon Chamach
Tumbler Gilaas
Knife Chaku
Pan Kadhai
Griddle Roti Pakaane ka tava
Saucher Tashtaree
Strainer Chalni
Gas StoveChoolha
Rolling pinRoti Belan
Storage boxDabba
tiffin , lunch box Khane ka dibba
cutlery Kanta Chammach
Pressure cooker cooker
Pincher Sansi/Chimta
Kettle Ketli
Steel PotsPatila / Bhagona/Tapeli
Dustbin Kachre ka dabba
Bucket Balti
Mortar and Pestle Khalbatta/ okhli
Grater /SlicerKisni
Gloves Daastane
Broom Jhadoo
Mop Poocha

Strainer : ( chalni )

There are different type of Strainer available in the market. We usually use it for tea , milk and other kind of liquid.

Chalni strainer

Tumbler : ( Gilaas )

Tumbler very common item in our daily life and we commanly used for drinking water, Cold drinks, juice , milk etc.

Tumbler Gilaas

Kettle : ( Ketli )

Kettle is called ketli in hindi. And Kettle commonly used to serve cofee, tea etc.


Gloves : ( Dastaane )

Gloves commonly we use during for washing and cleaning kitchen items and can be used for multipurose activities.


Broom : Jhadoo

broom commonly use to sweeping on the floor to clean the surface.


Cutlery : ( Kanta Chammach )

cutlery especially use to eat for noodles, dosa , cake and other different types of food item. Cutlery is commonly two type plastic and stainless steel based so its depend on you .


Dustbin : ( Kachre ka dabba )

we can easily put all type of garbage. Now a days most of the people used plastic pedal dustbin.


gas stove : ( Chulha )

Gas stove major item in our kitchen and its mainly used for cooking food . There are different types of gas stove avilable in the market .

Gas stove

Pressure Cooker : ( kukar )

pressure cooker is also important item in our kitchen because we can easily cook rice , daal and other kind of vegetables like potatoes and other multpurpose uses.

Pressure cooker

Spice Box : ( Masaldani )

In Spice box we can easily store any kitchen related masala like cumin ( jeera ) , ginger, haldi etc.

Masala box

Pincher : ( Chimta )

We commonly use pincher to hold hot utensils and pincher is called in hindi Chimta or Sansi .


Grater : ( Kisni )

Grater is called kisni in hindi . Grater usually made of stainless steel and with the help of grater we can easily grate like Cheese , coconut , carrot etc.


Some other useful kitchen items which are given below

Refregiter Fridge
Chair Kursi
Seive Chalnee
Match Box Machees
Fan Pankha
Candle agarbatti
scissor kenchi

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